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Kevin Snodgrass - Head Trainer - Team Vivo

Kevin Snodgrass

My goal is to profoundly change the lives of my clients and I see the transformations happening every day. I have been a personal trainer for more than 10 years after I discovered how fitness benefitted both my physical and mental wellbeing. My passion for training led me to achieve multiple certifications and specializations in physical training and corrective exercise.

My belief is that fitness is so much more than just feeling good or being physically strong – it is the key to living an enriched life with greater happiness.

As we age, we become more prone to muscle loss and injury, but it is never too late in life to achieve greater degrees of health, mobility, and energy. I use my expertise in corrective exercise and rehabilitation to help Vivo clients regain their independence, recover from injuries, and build their strength using exercise plans that are customizable to every individual.

Here’s a video I created to help you understand how Team Vivo works: